Partnering with nonprofits to identify and strengthen postsecondary education
and career pathways for underserved youth, ages fourteen to twenty-four.

Since its inception in the 1929, the Solon E. Summerfield Foundation, Inc. (SESF) has championed the development of underserved children and youth through its support of community-based work, and by providing access to a diversity of educational and experiential opportunities that might otherwise have been out of reach.

SESF's founding documents specifically reflect Solon E. Summerfield's conviction that a college degree was a crucial driver of social and economic mobility. This conclusion, adapted to address the realities of our 21st century society, continues to have urgent relevance today.

Mr. Summerfield believed that singularly motivated strivers of exemplary character, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, could be empowered to become active citizens and leaders in their communities if they were given the chance to attend and complete college. After careful consideration and research, and in an effort to more deliberately fulfill and update Mr. Summerfield's intent, the current Directors of SESF have decided to narrow the Foundation's grantmaking focus as stated above.

We Believe
    - All young people deserve to be inspired and prepared for rewarding postsecondary educational opportunities and career pathways;
    - the preparation for career and for postsecondary educational opportunities are synergistic rather than mutually exclusive;
    - meaningful experiences that develop personal achievement and social responsibility during high school can inform a more strategic and purposeful postsecondary education plan and path; and
    - the provision of sustained supports to underserved students as they transition from high school to postsecondary education and career opportunities is of great importance.